Wintery Weekend in Victoria

You typically don’t picture Vancouver or Victoria B.C. as snowy places, but with my luck that was what I got when I went for the weekend!

My trip started off with a delay of flights because of snowstorms in Vancouver. What was supposed to be two flights, from 7:30 arriving at 9:30, turned into not getting into Victoria until 1pm and my first experience with flying standby! As annoying as that was, I do understand that the airlines have no control over crappy weather, and it really bothers me when I see people taking out their frustrations on the airline staff.


First boarding passes of 2017!

Not gonna lie, I was pretty happy when I ended up on the flight I was on standby for rather than a miserable woman who spent her time at the airport yelling at the check in attendant…karma?

After the ‘exciting’ trip down, Allison picked me up at the airport and we made our way through the snow into the city! It is so nice to get the chance to catch up with her, since she’s moved away we don’t get to see each other a ton. After a late lunch and a quick shopping trip we met up with some more friends and spent the night out dancing and drinking. After dinner we went to the Bard and Banker pub, which had a great vibe and such an awesome band. I think we were even so keen we tried convincing them they needed to play at our friend’s wedding next year…no word if they’ve confirmed or not.


One thing I love about Victoria is the abundance of cool restaurants and bars…something that is largely lacking in Kamloops. I love being able to go somewhere with live music and a good ambience, something that is easy to find in Victoria!

Saturday, after a bit of a slow wake up from the night before, I headed out to East Sooke Park with a couple of friends. Despite the rainy conditions it was gorgeous. I think I’m always happy to be by the ocean, regardless of the weather! We took a short little walk and enjoyed the views and maybe some wine on the beach.

East Sooke Park

Sunday was another rainy day but we made the most of it by going for a nice long walk down Dallas Road on the beach and through Beacon Hill Park. Luckily we made it home before a serious downpour started and spent the rest of the afternoon watching movies. This was my last night so we made a nice big family Sunday pasta dinner! It was so nice to be able to spend some time with my friends in one of my favourite cities…one day I’ll move to Victoria!!

Monday morning Allison and I headed to the Victoria Airport bright and early…which was a semi waste of getting up early because yet again it was snowing in Victoria and Vancouver, which basically means total chaos for anywhere on the coast. I think the exact words given over the announcement at the airport was “gong show”.

Luckily I had a good book to read and nothing to do at home that afternoon so I wasn’t too bothered. Again in Vancouver I was put on standby, but luckily got on the last flight out as the rest were cancelled!


Never get tired of these views…

Now it’s back to reality and work and the neverending winter here in Kamloops. I’m getting the travel bug itch again, been looking up some potential trips!

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