Sydney Opera House

Welcome to Sydney!

After 3 weeks in Bali I made it back to Australia, this time flying straight to Sydney. The flight from Denpasar, Bali left at 1am and was a super quick 5 hours to Sydney. It was supposed to be 6 hours I think so we must have had a super strong tailwind. When I booked my ticket last time I paid a little bit extra to be able to change it and this also gave me an upgraded seat into the “Quiet Zone” on Air Asia. I’m so glad that I was in that area because I had a row to myself again and the lights were off for the whole flight, whereas the rest of the plane had the lights on, which I didn’t really understand on a red eye flight. I was able to get a couple of hours of rest which I really appreciated.

Since we arrived in Sydney at around 9:30am by the time that we actually go into the city we couldn’t check into the hostel. So Ollie and I decided to push the limits on our energy and head out for a walk. It did help that it was a gorgeous sunny day. Our hostel is super centrally located in Darling Harbour so it was an easy walk down to the famous Harbour Bridge and Opera House. Once we finally got tuckered out we headed back to hostel to just kill sometime before being able to check in, when I promptly headed for a nap. Since it was Friday and there is a bar attached to the hostel it was a busy night and I definitely enjoyed having a couple glasses of wine before finally heading to bed…longest two days ever.


First glance of the Sydney Harbour Bridge!

Saturday was a pretty quiet day. I decided after dinner to take a walk down to the Opera House, wanting to see it lit up at night. What I totally forgot about was that the Vivid Sydney festival was happening and it was BUSY down there. They had majority of the roads closed off on the way to vehicles and it was just full of people everywhere. It was worth it though, the Opera House and the bridge and various other buildings were lit up like crazy with all sorts of moving light art. I spent quite a while just walking around enjoying it with my first Starbucks Chai since I’ve left Canada…do you know how hard it is to find a Starbucks in Australia?!

Saturday night I was put into a different room in the hostel and let me tell you, not the best experience I’ve had. Honestly probably one of the worst nights sleep ever, the room was disgusting and the drunk people clearly didn’t have to much respect for the other people in the room trying to SLEEP. Thankfully I’m not in that room anymore…

With a tour booked for Sunday it was overall a fantastic first weekend in Sydney!

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