It’s My Birthday! (Again!)

Oh hey, just a 28 year old over here! I thought I’d keep on last years theme and do a picture round up from the last year. What a doozy of a year it was, coming home from traveling, buying my first home, plenty of weddings and fun and even getting Lucy a kitty sibling! Without being too wordy I’ll show ya!

wet and wild

Wet n’ Wild Crew!

Belongil Beach

Loved the beach in Byron Bay!


Homes for the holidays

Homes for the Holidays, one of my fav events!

First night in my very own home!

Enjoying the winter sunshine.


Perfecting our crafting skills.

Gum Wall

Celebrating Kara’s bachelorette in Seattle.

Kenna Cartwright

Happy hikers!

Best summer activity…days on the boat.

Fam jam visits!

Tourist’ing Vancouver

Hudsy’s 5th Birthday party!

Crafting time!

More happy hikers at McConnell Lake

Fun at Mitch and Des’s wedding!

Trying out new trails.

Pre-concert selfies with Kara.

The moment before I lose jenga at Murray and Kara’s wedding.

Music festival time with the fam.

First time on the Oregon Coast!

More wedding fun!

Whiskey the Kitten!

Love a good Echo Beach concert! Even better if all my friends are there.

Country Crossings Music Festival.


Country Crossings

Gorgeous Claire!

Lucky to have this amazing group of girls!


That’s my year round up! Can’t wait to see what 28 has in store for me. Tonight we’re headed out to Monte Creek Ranch Winery for a picnic and concert! It should be a lot of fun and I can’t wait to see all my friends.

Adios 27!!!