Oregon Coast

Country Crossings and the Oregon Trail

You guys…I just got back from such an awesome week in Oregon at the Country Crossings Music Festival with Callie and my fam.

Oregon Coast

It was just outside of Medford, Oregon…I know right, where the hell is that? My dad had found out about the festival (that I had def never heard of) via a work connection that was sponsoring one of the days. I’m obviously super glad he did because we had such a great time and the artists were all fantastic (if you like country music that is).

Inn at the Commons

Hudson enjoying the hot weather!

While my family flew down with my dad, Callie and I did the 12 hour drive down. We broke it up a little bit by staying the first night with Callie’s parents just outside of Seattle. I don’t mind driving but that long of a distance is a little much, even for me. Erica needs to stop having babies now…there’s no more room on the plane!!

I don’t know if any of you have spent much time on the I-5 but I feel like I know it pretty intimately after spending almost four days of a week on it. PS. The section between Portland and Eugene is some of the most boring driving I’ve done since the last time I went to Alberta…straight and flat and full of bad drivers.

When we finally successfully (no vehicle mishaps) made it to Medford in Southern Oregon (apparently an important thing to mention, everyone there always made sure to add the Southern), we were welcomed to a 38 degree afternoon. I honestly had no idea that Oregon got so hot! It stayed like that the entire time we were there, let’s just say the days at the festival were seriously sweaty. Our hotel, Inn at the Commons, was in a great spot downtown Medford, in easy walking distance to lots of shops and restaurants. (Check back for my upcoming post on what I thought about our hotel!) ¬†After that marathon drive and realizing there was a brewery right across from our hotel, we knew exactly what our next activity would be…BEER.

Common Block Brewing Common Block Brewing Common Block Brewing

We braved the heat to pop across the street and sit on the shaded patio of the Common Block Brewing Company. I ordered a beer whilst Callie went for a cider, and while we waited for those to arrive we tested out their Corn Hole games that they had set up in the parking lot. Love the serious hipster vibes of playing games at a brew pub.

Common Block Brewing

Both the food and bevies were super delicious (I went with the veggie burger…you won’t regret getting the homemade fries on the side). So good – in fact we ended up going again later in the weekend and bringing the rest of the family.

Common Block Brewing

After rounding up the troops, it was time to head to our first night of the festival. Jake Owen was playing that night and YOU GUYS, he was sooo good. Doesn’t hurt that he’s awfully good looking and we were quite close to the stage. Definitely opened the festival on a high and after the show, we went to the party tent Timber Products (the company my dad has ties to). We met a group of people around our age and spent the night playing more Corn Hole (whyyyy do I suck so bad at such a popular game).

Gerico Forest Products

Dad pretty proud to have his Gerico wood on display

Jake Owen

Friday morning was the pretty close to the highlight of my trip…TARGET TIME. If you’re Canadian you can understand the pain of getting Target, getting obsessed, and then having it ripped away from you. Seriously, losing Target in Canada was heartbreaking, and every time I’m in the states I make a trip. After a few hours (yes, I’m aware that’s ridiculous) of wandering around, trying on clothes, feeling sorry for myself that we don’t have the best store ever, and spending more than I should with these exchange rates it was time to say buh-bye.

Day two of the Country Crossings Festival, we headed to the fairgrounds at a little after 5, it was seriously so hot during the day…I don’t know how people spent the whole day there. The line up was looking good with Brett Eldredge and Luke Bryan on the ticket. I love love love Brett Eldredge and although I am a huge fan of Luke Bryan’s songs…I find his whole cocky persona a little much for me. I know I’m in the minority because holy cow you should’ve heard the screaming for him. Every woman from 15 – 60 years old was having a time (and I’m sure a few guys too). To be honest, it could have been the hour I spent standing still in the beer lineup that put me off a bit.

Country Crossings

Lee Brice

So close to Lee Brice!

Saturday morning was a little slow, we went out for a big breakfast and spent a bit of time napping (I think everyone napped..not just the kids) then headed back to the good old fairgrounds, I know I know, a little repetitive. Saturday had the artists I was looking the most forward to seeing, Lee Brice and Chris Stapleton. Neither of them disappointed at all…it was a seriously good show that night.

Country Crossings Country Crossings Country Crossings Country Crossings

Waking up Sunday with sore feet but ready to head out again we had brunch back at Common Block Brewing (so easy just being across from the Inn at the Commons). Callie and I spent quite a while in a massive antique store. I love that all these little towns have tons of antique stores. I actually ended up buying some amazing (albeit huge) old windows, I’m not exactly sure what I’ll do with them but hoping some crafty inspiration hits me.

Country Crossings

Kieth Urban put on an unreal show that night and then just like that the festival was over! It was hard to believe how quickly the weekend went, it mostly felt like a blur of hot sun, music, sore feet, dust, and beer.

Monday morning bright and early after a delicious hotel breakfast (check out my next post for my review of our hotel, Inn at the Commons), it was time to head north. But not without missing a stock up stop at Trader Joe’s, another store we don’t have in Canada! I’m constantly seeing all the great stuff they carry online and I couldn’t wait to get it all. I’m super excited to start using all the things I got and find out what my favs are.

From Medford, we wanted to take a bit of time off of the I-5 and enjoy the Oregon coast that everyone raves about. We cut east just after Eugene and ended up hitting the coast at a town called Newport. It was so nice after driving through a lot of desert to see the ocean. In my dreams (or hopefully in the future) I definitely want to live by the ocean.

Oregon Coast

Cute city signs are harder to find than you’d think!

The highway along the coast was quite slow and busy but it was worth it to check out all the cute little seaside towns and the stunning views. After a few hours of driving we stopped in a place called Pacific City to check out a park and have a little beachside lunch. We went to another brewery, apparently Oregon is full of them; I love it! This place was called Pelican Brewing Company and I would highly recommend. The food was great, the beer was good and you certainly couldn’t beat the view of the sea. We had talked about staying somewhere on the coast that night…but I got into a bit of a driving streak so we decided to just go as far as we could without getting too tired.

Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast

We made it just north of Seattle, in Arlington and just popped into a Best Western for the night. Not gonna lie there wasn’t much notable about this hotel, and we got in at 10pm and left by 8am, but the complimentary breakfast was unreal! I know, super random fact, but they made me a personalized omelet…I’m easy to impress.

From there it was a quick drive over the border and back into Kamloops. Our marathon road trip was done done done! Since we got home at noon I had big plans of having a super productive afternoon, but I was exhausted! Plus the crazy forest fires around here have us completely socked in with smoke and it makes it super hard to get any motivation. The air is disgusting, and Tuesday night while sitting outside with friends, it was actually raining ash on us.

All in all it was a fantastic trip and I had so much fun. I can’t wait to go back to Oregon and hopefully the Country Crossings Music festival again next year!

What’s the best roadtrip you’ve ever done or music festival you’ve been to?

Oregon Coast