Favourite Things Friday 4

Hellooooo…Happy Friday!!

Holy crap it’s already September. What the heck is happening this year? This week has been good thus far. I actually really love September, I always feel like I can restart routines and get focused again. I’ve hit the gym 3 days in a row (I’ll wait for my round of applause to start anytime), and have been eating super well!

Sadly the smoke is still hanging around here, I actually think it’s been worse lately…at this point, I’d even be happy with snow if it was sunshiney!

On to my favourite things, I know you’ve all been dying to know about this.

Getting to start a new day planner in September! 
Okay, this is super dorky and I’m well aware of this. That being said, I love love love a good list, book, stationary and day planners definitely top the list for me. I know 90% of the world has changed over to using the calendar on their phones or computers, but for me if I don’t write it down I don’t remember. Pen and paper all the way!

Chapters Planner

Luckily for me, my lovely sister Erica got me a fresh planner for my birthday back in August, so I was set when September rolled around. I am going to try really hard this year to keep this one neat, but we’ll see what happens, sometimes I just have to write or scribble something in quickly.

This is the one that she got me, so far it’s working well! Between keeping track of my hair client appointments, meals, gym times (I told you, I’m trying to be good!!), and social schedule, I need something where each day has a fair bit of writing room, and this one has fit the bill, plus it’s super cute.

Superstore Online Grocery Shopping
This has been life changing for me!! I don’t know why but grocery shopping gives me crazy anxiety…I know I know, such a weirdo. I think it’s just the too many people and it plain old drives me crazy. Well not anymore, my dreams have come true! I shop for most other things online…why not groceries! Superstore’s Online shopping has made eating healthy and sticking to my budget so much easier, I can’t even imagine how awesome it must be for people with kids!

Prior to being able to do this, I would put off grocery shopping forever and not have any food in my house, thus going out more often and spending more. So this has been helping me not only eating healthier…but sticking to my budget better! The other thing I like about it is it gives you lots of time to compare items and prices, and not feel like you’re in someone’s way while considering if the No Name brand pasta is really as good as the other brands.

Since it’s only $3, you pick the time to pick up your order, and you can use your own bags; this service is so so worth it to me! Not to mention a serious mental health savior. Everyone has their thing, right?

Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel Seasoning 
This is my newest food obsession. We get so ripped off in Canada without access to stores like Target and Trader Joe’s, but I certainly stocked up whilst I was in Oregon in July. I had heard so many good things about this seasoning and holy man it did not disappoint.

OregonGetting our Trader Joe’s drinks in our new Target cups…told you I was obsessed!

It’s a mix of sesame seeds, garlic, onion, salt and poppy seeds and it’s good on everything, or at least everything I’ve tried it on. I love it on avocado toast, eggs, veggies…the ideas are endless. If you’re at Trader Joe’s buy it…buy lots (and maybe buy me one or two!?).

Trader Joe's

This weekend I don’t have much planned. I have a few clients tomorrow and that’s about it. I’d like to try and get out to the lake for the day Sunday, but that is seriously weather dependent. No one wants to go sit outside in this horrendous smoke, but I want to get as many boat days in as possible before it gets too cold!!
Shuswap Friday

Hope everyone has a great weekend! 

Self Care Sunday

Self CareI think we can all agree that self care is important. When you’re a burnt out sad Sally you’re no good to anyone else, probably cranky and I doubt you’re any fun to hang around with. But! When you do take care of yourself and indulge in the things that make you feel happy and healthy, believe me it shows.

Everyone is busy and sometimes has too much going on, but lets decide, even once a week, to put ourselves first!

Today I’m going to share some of my favourite self care/indulgence ideas, with the hope you can bring them into your life and get some joy from them.

Self Care Fav 1

Spa Night!! This is a classic and you can’t go wrong. Find your favourite face mask (I’m loving this Arbonne one at the moment or Sephora sheet masks are great too!), run a bubble bath with your favourite scent, put on some relaxing tunes (super into the band Lord Huron or even some Bossanova) and just enjoy.

I love taking the time to do this. If I’m really feeling like indulging after I get out of the bath I’ll slather on my favourite moisturizer or even do some self tanner. Moisturize my face super well, put on some cozy clothes and cuddle into some blankets.

Self Care

Take the time to really set the mood of your space on an evening like this. Set out your favourite candles and dim the lights, turn your phone onto airplane mode to get rid any distractions or notifications and have a bottle of your fav wine or champagne chilled. By the time you’re done you’ll be so relaxed and feel great about yourself.

Self Care Fav 2

Exercise! This one for me is huge. I know when I have times that I’m feeling burnt out or struggling with some anxiety going out to exercise can be the last thing I want to do. However it’s always the biggest help! One of the things I love to do is to take Lucy out for a hike or even just a quick walk.

Kamloops Hike

Happy campers when we’re outside!

Kamloops Hike

Getting fresh air and moving your body is proven to help with such a wide variety of things. It can help clear your head, if you’re having a stressful day it can get solutions moving and bonus…burning calories!

Even if hiking isn’t your thing, find it! That’s the joy of exercise, there’s an unlimited amount of different activities to find. If you’re not a weightlifting gym rat, hit up a yoga class, join a softball team with some friends, walk around the mall window shopping…the opportunities are endless!

Self Care Fav 3

Setting goals and making lists! Anyone who knows me knows I am the queen of lists, cute stationary and goal setting. If I feel a bit overwhelmed or unsure about what I’m doing…time to make a list!

I’ve got lists for things I want to do around my  house, lists of ideal boyfriend traits, lists of what I need to do that day…you name it, it’s written down in a random notebook somewhere in my house. (FYI I def find the cutest notebooks at Chapters Indigo. Their summer ones are the bomb this year.)

Writing down your goals, and actually sitting down and looking towards the future is super important. Looking forward to what you want your life to be (and what obvi amazing things are going to happen) can make any little problems that you have at the moment seem pretty small. Perspective is a beautiful thing!

If you’re having trouble thinking of goals I would recommend thinking about the different areas of your life that could use improvement. The things I usually focus on are; business, health, financial and social. Some examples could be…how many new clients do I want a month and what can I do to achieve that? Learning a new healthy recipe a month? Paying extra onto my mortgage or into retirement funds.

Self Care Fav 4

Last but certainly not least on the list is have a Girl’s Night! I’m not sure if there are any scientific studies on it, but eating some junk food, sipping rose (if you can find it, this Monster sparkling Rose is for sure in my top 5) and catching up on all the latest gossip and trash TV has to be good for the soul.

If you’ve been crazy busy or down in the dumps you may not have been reaching out to your girlfriends. But we need that time!! Catching up is so important. Plus your friends know you, and usually have a good perspective on whatever is going on in your life (at least my awesome friends do).

Girls Night

For my girl’s nights I generally prefer to put on comfy clothes (oh haiii leggings and baggy shirts, byeeee getting dressed up), make sure that there are some shows on the PVR (bless the hot messes that are TLC reality shows, have you seen My 600-lb Life?!), and get the wine and snacks going. Bonus points if everything is within reach and I don’t need to get up to refill my wine glass.

It’s always nice (and helpful) to bounce ideas off of people you trust. Whether it’s about love life, home decor or business ideas, getting a second opinion can be great (especially if you’re as indecisive as I am).

So there you have it, my go to self care actives. And hey if you’re feeling real shit just do them all in 24 hours and you’ll be floating away from your anxieties!

What are your favourite things to do to perk yourself up?!