Quick Catch Up

February 1st! Does that mean that it’s almost time for spring to come? Considering when I woke up this morning it was -15 Celsius I kind of doubt it. (Someone remind me again why I left Australia to come back to winter in Canada..!?)

January was a pretty good month, one of the first I’ve had in a while with zero travel. However I have gotten my salon at home all set up and am back in business which is fantastic! It’s been so nice to catch up with all of my clients again and even gaining some new clients this month.


A few of my colour clients from January!

Getting my new apartment set up has been fun too (not to mention, costs all the monies!). I will eventually get some photos posted, but you know when you just feel like you’re missing a few pieces, or a room will never be done. I think an Ikea trip will be in my near future…once the highway through hell is a little more reliable.

Visiting my goat friends up at my sisters farm!

I do have a little mini trip coming up this week. I’m flying down to Victoria for 3 nights and I’m super excited! Victoria is one of my favourite cities in Canada. I have quite a few friends that live down there I’ll be staying with and I cannot wait to spend some time by the ocean. Victoria also has some fantastic restaurants and cafes that I’m really looking forward to checking out.

Considering the home purchase I do think that this year might be more of the small weekend get aways and less of the long term travelling. (Back to a budget..wahh) Honestly though that is okay with me, living in Canada and especially British Columbia there are so many amazing places to visit that are close by. Don’t quote me on this though, of course I’d love to get a big trip booked!

Do you guys have any trips coming up? Any fun suggestions of favourite places to go?


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