My Favourite Podcasts!

Podcasts are an amazing form of media. They’re free to listen to, easy to access and you can find one on anything that you’re interested in! I’ve been listening to podcasts for years now and I try to convince everyone I know to get into them.

I listen to a huge variety of podcasts and I find that anything I want to learn more about I can get something to listen to about that. Not only are there tons of educational podcasts, there are lots that are just plain entertaining.

If you haven’t taken advantage of podcasts I’d really recommend starting, or if you have hopefully I’ll let you know about a new one to check out!

Here are my top 5 podcasts, hope you enjoy!

  1. The Dave Ramsey Show

This podcast is put on every single day, for three hours, by the money and budgeting guru Dave Ramsey. Most people are familiar with him and his books on saving money and getting out of debt. This live call in radio show is fantastic motivation if you’re trying to save money, get out of debt, or just make better financial decisions. I love listening to this as more of a background while I’m working or doing other things (you don’t totally have you pay attention as you won’t miss too much). I found this podcast a great inspiration while I was trying to stick to a fairly strict budget to build up my savings and stay out of debt. If you end up liking this I would totally recommend checking out his book Total Money Makeover.

2.   The World Wanderers

The World Wanderers is a travel podcast that is made by a Canadian couple. Most of the episode are about half an hour to an hour on both their travel experiences and interviews with other travellers. I really like the variety of topics, they’ve done trips to quite a few places, talk a fair bit about minimalism and budget travel, and are right now planning on becoming digital nomads by moving to South East Asia, something that I’m really interested in learning more about. There are a few different travel podcasts I really like, but I think this one stands out because it’s from a Canadian point of view.

3.   Undisclosed

I think that most people are familiar with Serial, the podcast covering the murder of Hae Min Lee and conviction Adnan Syed, and Undisclosed is a another look into the case and trial. If you remember the Serial podcast you’ll recognize the name Rabia Chaudry, as the older sister of one of Adnan’s best friends. She is a lawyer and one of the main presenters in the podcast. It also has interviews and other stories about wrongful convictions and is now on it’s second season, looking at a new murder, based in Rome, Georgia. I love true crime stories and another podcast I’d recommend if you do also is Casefile True Crime. It’s an Australian podcast and each episode focuses on a different case.

4.    Vinyl Cafe with Stuart Mclean

This is a CBC radio show that I think most Canadians have probably heard at some point. I know I’ve been listening to them on CBC for years and years and even have a couple of the books. I love the podcasts because I rarely listen to the radio, and isn’t on demand always better? Lots of the episodes not only have the stories about the hilarious Dave, but feature music from Canadian artists. Another fun fact is that in 2011 The Vinyl Cafe was chosen by Apple as the best audio podcast of the year.

5.   Sleep With Me

This might sound a bit weird to some but this is a podcast that is made to help you fall asleep. It’s basically a guy telling really boring stories in a monotone voice. Now before you think that I’m totally crazy, keep an open mind, as someone with anxiety and trouble sleeping, going to bed can end up with me laying awake for hours rethinking everything I’ve ever done, or stressing about a million potential things that could happen in the future. So it can be super helpful to have a bit of a distraction, especially something dull and boring and sort of like white noise. I’ve also found this podcast quite helpful the last few months while trying to fall asleep in various hostels, busses and airplanes.

I hope that this gives you a bit of a peek into the variety of podcasts that are out there and maybe introduce you to something that you might be interested in. I would love to hear about any podcasts that you like, I have a few loooooong plane rides coming up and am always on the hunt for something new!

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