Learning to Crochet and Flying into 5!

Quick little weekend recap. This was a busy but great weekend. I got to spend lots of time with both friends and family, my favourite activities!

Friday night started out with some casual drinks at my house. I didn’t get any photos of that…which is fine because like I said, casual…ie. sweatpants and hair in a bun.

Saturday Callie and I were heading to a craft workshop put on by a new local business, Makeshift. It was time to learn crocheting! Now I love doing crafts and being creative, but I would definetly say that I am not super talented at it. Doing the workshop was a great way to learn, just have to show up and they had everything we needed already there.


Full disclosure…not my headband!


They also had coffee, tea and delicious homemade cookies. While Callie counted her stitches and actually paid attention on how to crochet, I spent a lot of time chit chatting and eating cookies.

Although neither of us left the workshop with a finished crocheted headband, both of us have since made one successfully! I know Callie is now working on making a blanket and I’ve been eyeing up patterns for really adorable crocheted stuffed animals. I love learning new things, and this is a great little hobby to do while watching Netflix (speaking of Netflix…I just started watching scandal and OMG).

Sunday was my nephew Hudson’s 5th birthday party!

sweetspot cakes

Gorgeous cake from Sweet Spot Cupcakes in Kamloops

It had a pilot/flight theme and my sister did such an amazing job on all the little decor items. The party was held at a local hotel with a pool and waterslide. It looked like all the kids had a great time. From the screams on the waterslide to the massive amount of cake eaten, I’d say it was a success.

sweetspot cake sweetspot cakes

Pilot licence

Happiest little pilot!

Hudson is one of the funniest kids I know, he’s very outgoing and is full of quick comebacks and silly jokes. I cannot believe that he’s already 5 and will be heading to school this fall.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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