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Home and Away

I’ve been home, in Kamloops, for about a month now. After a bit of a marathon trip back to Canada I felt pretty confident that I wouldn’t want to be getting back on a plane anytime soon, but what can I say, once that travel bug bites…

I think that everyone whose come home from travelling, whether it’s a two week trip to Mexico, a month in South East Asia or something longer like the six months I did in Australia, knows that there is a bit of an adjustment period to being back. There’s a bit of a struggle between missing friends you’ve made, the excitement of going new places and experiencing new things and then the comforts of being home, seeing the people you love and in my case getting to be reunited with my puppy!


The last month has had quite a few highs and lows. At times I’ve been a bit down, missing the freedom of travelling, being constantly surrounded with people (something I didn’t think I’d miss!) and adjusting back into the autumn weather at home, cloud and drizzly really brings me down. When you get back you realize that everyone still has been going about their normal lives, and you have to adjust back into that. Not everyone will be keen to here all your travel stories so you want to make sure that’s not all you talk about, whereas when you’re travelling thats most of the conversations you have with other travellers.

I also have been thrown back into living at my parents whilst trying to find a house for me and Lucy the dog, that I can also have a salon in, not an easy task. I’m not used to being a responsible grown up anymore, I have to just adjust right away?!

Of course it hasn’t all been bad since I’ve been home! It has been so good to see my family, I was worried my nephews and niece might forget all about me. Getting together again with friends has been great too, nothing like a good wine night to make me feel welcome at home again.

One thing that is a bit of a struggle that I know other people have gone through is coming back when you feel so changed to somewhere that it doesn’t seem like anything or anyone has changed. I know personally I’m the same person, but I certainly feel like I’ve got some new perspective and have had a lot of experiences that have shaped me while I was gone.

I went totally alone out of my comfort zone and did something I thought I could never do, I figured out how to do things on my own, how to meet new people in any situation, how the get the best sleep in a shit hostel and a million other things. Yet coming back to where you’re from, the other people have just been living normal life for the last six months. You can’t expect people to notice a difference but I also don’t want to feel like I just revert back to who I was before I left. I wanted to go travelling for a reason and I love the person that I became while I was gone.

I’ve loved keeping in touch with the friends I made while gone, it’s great to talk about the memories we made, although some are still travelling and that does have a way of making me want to open the Skyscanner app and see if I can find any cheap flights.

I’m working on getting settled back at home, setting some goals to work for, and of course doing all the adulting, house hunting, work, etc. It’s all a balance of cherishing the time away but also realizing how great I have it at home too.

Sorry this was a bit of a rambled post, I know I still have a few Australia blog posts to catch up on and I’m working on keeping track of my home buying experience as a first time home buyer! Don’t forget to share with friends if you like what you read!

Have you struggled with feeling down or out of place when you got home from a trip? What’s the best part about coming home for you? Comment below.

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