Favourite Things Friday 3 (plus a little catch-up)

Okay, it’s official, you can call me a serious blogging slacker for the last two weeks.

I didn’t mean to be, I do have a lot of post ideas and half written drafts…but summer is just so busy and fun! Sometimes sitting down to my computer is the last thing I want to do. So today’s post is going to be a little catch-up/favourite things Friday combo! Basically, all my reader’s dreams come true I’m assuming.

There is sort of only one favouriteĀ thing from this week…keep reading to find out!

Let’s start with last weekend! Friday kicked off with heading down to the local brewpub, Red Collar Brewing, for drinks and appies before going to Music in the Park. We were a bit slow and only saw about half an hour of the concert, but the music was great! We’re super lucky in Kamloops to have this event on every night of the summer! It is definitely one of my favourite things to do in the summer, so nice to bring dinner and some drinks down there.

Music in the Park Music in the Park

Next up for the weekend was heading to the Highland Games! Now this was certainly completely random, but after seeing a little sign advertising it, we managed to get a group interested and headed out to see it. It was seriously super hot out on Saturday and because of a massive amount of wildfires happening in British Columbia at the moment, the air has been reallllly smokey, like hard to breathe smokey.

Not the greatest photo, but gives an idea of how smokey the weekend was

Although the Highland Games were entertaining and there was a beer garden, it was just too darn hot to be sitting on the stands right in the sun, so we didn’t last too long. Saturday night everyone just came over to my house for drinks and games and some much needed air conditioning!

My top favourite of this week is that…I got a KITTEN!!


I adopted the most adorable little boy baby kitten from the SPCA on Wednesday and lets just say I’m already a little bit obsessed. Lucy the dog on the other hand…pretty pissed and not feeling like sharing her momma with this apparently terrifying 2lb kitten.

Lucy the dog

Giving Lucy some love!

Little kitty is still nameless at this point but I’m taking suggestions!

Up next for this weekend (which is looking gorgeous and smoke free thus far!!), is more weddings! I’m doing the hair for my friend Jamie’s wedding and then attending! I’m really looking forward it. I have lots of friends also going and it’s at a local golf course that looks beautiful! The summer of love continues.

Blame my blog slacking on other people’s weddings šŸ˜‰

What are you up to this weekend? Do you have any suggestions on getting a dog and kitten to start liking each other? Or any adorable (or hilarious) kitten names!?

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