Bikes & Beers & Brewloops

October has been a busy month so far!

The first big event (which I guess was actually the last day of September) was Brewloops! This event was, from their website, a beer, bike and live music festival and I can attest to all three.

A group of us signed up for the bike pub crawl, which included tickets to the main festival. Since it only involved going to two pubs, us overachievers decided to start a little early and headed to three other local pubs on our way to the downtown meeting point.


Considering there were 180 people involved, I think the organizers did a fantastic job. I can’t imagine trying to round up that many people, especially on bikes through downtown. We were divided into two groups and each group did a different starting pub. Ours was The Noble Pig, were we spent about half an hour with our included beer (and maybe an extra pitcher or two).


Safety first for these two

Brewloops Brewloops

After Noble Pig it was back down to the park where Iron Road Brewing (you can read my post about checking them out here) had a tent set up. The organizers did a fantastic job timing the event. We were at a lookout on the river just around sunset and lucked out with a double rainbow sighting!


Photo by @staceykrolow


Photo by @staceykrolow

We finally finished the ride at our last stop, the Brewloops festival! There were tonnes of different breweries to check out and everyone’s fav band, Echo Beach was playing! It was such a fun event and I’ll definitely go again next year. So many beers to try…so little time!

My only real complaint was that it was so busy it was hard to walk around and chat with the different breweries to see where they were from. But a sold out event in Kamloops is always a positive thing so no real complaining from me!


Skating Out of September

Although I’ve fallen back into the slacker blogger category, I had a really good September. I love the transition into Autumn and this month has been a nice mix of cooler mornings with warm afternoons.

Another bonus is that the damn smoke is gone. Seriously it feels like we’re living in HD now that I can actually see further than 20 feet in front of me. I’ve never thought of Kamloops as a very beautiful city, but I’ve never appreciated it more than I do now.

One of my friends, Shah from London, who I actually met 2 years ago on my Thailand Contiki trip, has been doing a cross Canada trip and was able to stop in Kamloops for a few days. It being a kind of in-between season, I had a bit of a hard time thinking of things to do. I’m better at thinking of summer activities and when it’s winter it revolves around the snow.

The day he arrived I thought it might be fun to check out Sun Peaks, our local ski hill. I packed up the dog and we headed out. We went for a nice walk around the village trails and then popped into Masa’s for lunch. It worked out being perfect timing because it started raining/sleeting. The first night we ended up going to a pub downtown…although Wednesday isn’t a big evening in Kamloops, had about 6 other people in the entire place.

Wells Gray Park Wells Gray Park Wells Gray Park

Another activity I had planned was checking out Wells Gray Park. Wells Gray is a beautiful provincial park just outside of Clearwater, about 2 hours total from Kamloops. There are tonnes of hiking trails, waterfalls, and camping. It turned out to be such a great time of year to visit, with all of the fall colours.

Wells Gray Park

I’m really hoping I can get back out to Wells Gray again before it gets too cold. There are so many trails and I definitely have only scratched the surface.


Another fun activity I’ve been wanting to get back into is ice skating! Let me preface this by saying I am quite terrible at skating, but this is my year to learn. I decided this year to swap my figure skates (that front pick can be a real buzz kill, when you hit the ice verrrrry hard). Callie and I went once last weekend and neither of us fell…weoo. So hopefully I’ll be able to improve and maybe learn a bit this year.


I’d like to try and keep quite busy with hobbies and activities this winter. After the summer of smoke and Netflix, I don’t think I can do a whole winter of that also. (Although how good are the new shows in the winter??)

Monte Creek Ranch Winery

Birthday celebrations at Monte Creek Ranch!

Last week was my birthday…and it was awesome! I am totally one of those birthday loving people, bring on the attention, cake and presents.

I was planning on just going out for dinner with family and friends – but my mom saw that a local winery was hosting a music event on my birthday so we decided to head out there.

Monte Creek Ranch Winery Monte Creek Ranch Winery

My birthday day was fantastic from the beginning, from coffee and breakfast with Ash, lunch with another friend and then heading out to Monte Creek Ranch Winery.

Monte Creek Ranch Winery Monte Creek Ranch Winery Monte Creek Ranch Winery

The tickets for the event were only $10 and included a wine tasting (my fav activity, if you didn’t know that by now). My mom and Erica really went above and beyond and brought a whole table full of food and 3 (yes THREE) cakes!

Monte Creek Ranch Winery Monte Creek Ranch Winery Monte Creek Ranch Winery

I think everyone had a fantastic time, the band was great and the wine was even better. It was so nice to be able to lounge on the lawn, play some games and relax while visiting with everyone. Of course, it didn’t hurt that I also got presents and had all my favourite people with me.

Monte Creek Ranch Winery Monte Creek Ranch Winery Monte Creek Ranch Winery Monte Creek Ranch Winery

The music finished around 9 and we stuck around until the employees kicked us out…apparently, they wanted to head home. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to celebrate turning 28!