Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains!

Sunday morning was an early one, that felt especially early after such a crappy sleep the night before in the hostel room from hell. I was meeting up with a tour group, that I had booked through, at a hotel nearby the hostel at 7:30am. The tour was doing the Blue Mountains and Featherdale Wildlife Park.

After picking everyone up from the various hotels we headed out, it was about a 2 hour drive, which honestly I was pretty thankful for because it gave me a quick chance to nap! Our first chance to view the Blue Mountains and the famous Three Sisters was from the Echo Point viewpoint. It was such a gorgeous day although a little bit chilly up in the mountains. The views were amazing from there but it was so much better once we made it over to Scenic World, just a few minutes up the road.

DSC00510 DSC00513

Scenic World has a few different rides and a whole bunch of walking trails. To get over to the actual park you take a tram over a super deep valley and then head down the worlds steepest railway to get down to the trails. The railway was at a 52 degree grade, so while you rode down you’re basically laying all the way flat, it was super cool. I spent about an hour walking around and just enjoying the boardwalks that they have set up. It was sort of a rainforest environment, which was a little weird with how cold it was out. It was a great time and I’d recommend it, I loved walking around there.

DSC00530 DSC00531


Little glimpse of the steepest railway in the world!

After Scenic World we headed to the small town of Leura for a quick lunch and then it was time to head out for another hour bus ride to Featherdale Wildlife Park. I wasn’t even really sure what this was including, just was an add on to the Blue Mountains tour, but it was totally the highlight of my day! It was a fairly small park, but had so many of my new favourite animal…the koala! They even had a little spot set up where you could pet one of them, I thought I was going to cry honestly. Sounds cheesy…but they are so adorable and just look like the cuddliest animals ever. I would tell everyone to try and hit up this place, they focus on Australian animals and I really got the feeling that they focus a lot on rehabilitation and really care for the animals they have.


Basically the highlight of my trip so far!!


One more hour and it was back to the hostel. I definitely wouldn’t hesitate to book another tour with AAT Kings, which is what the Viator ended up being. The guide was great and you had a good amount of time at each of the spots, which I know of some tours I’ve felt rushed or ended up bored when you have a ton of time at an attraction that doesn’t need that much time.

What’s the best tour you’ve ever done? Have you been to the Blue Mountains before?

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