My Goals for 2017

Goals goals goals…we all have them, we all work at them and I think we should talk about them!

I know this is usually more of a January 1st post but let’s just say I do things on my own time. Plus when it is January 1st and you’re laying in bed hungover, in debt from Christmas, and maybe a few pounds up from all that baking (no…just me??), who wants to read another “OMG here are all the things I’m going to do to get my life together!!” post?

So that being said, here I am in March, making some goals. Around this time of year I always get inspired, the days are longer, it’s getting warmer and I definetly feel motivated!

  1. Budget, budget, budget. Yes, this is a big one for me. With buying a condo this year, my ever growing list of travel destinations, and saving for the future, sticking to a budget is something I really want to make a priority.Of course this is easier said than done! I’m not really frivolous with money, but I would say I tend not to think about it enough. If I want something or want to do something I just do it. Thankfully I’ve managed to stay out of debt, but putting money away for retirement and also making sure I can fund my travel dreams is important to me. To make this a little less ambiguous, my main goals around money include putting 10% of my income into RRSP (Canadian retirement funds) and put my remaining money (is there such a thing??) at the end of each month into travel savings.
  2. Finding an exercise/activity I love and stick to. I do have a gym pass and really enjoy going. Lucy the dog and I love going for hikes, but this year I want to broaden my horizons on activities. I just signed up for a weekly yoga class and am looking for other ideas of things I can incorporate into my life. 
  3.  Put up a gallery wall in my apartment. I have been slowly gathering art work and other bits that I like and am always on the hunt for cute picture frames and prints. I also want to get a few of my travelling photos put onto canvases. It’s so easy to get sucked into Pinterest for hours looking at home decor. A gallery wall is just one of the things I want to get done in my new place. A blank slate is equal parts exciting and overwhelming!

    Gallery wall goals

    Gallery wall inspo from Pinterest

  4. Quit biting my nails! Now this is an embarrassing one, but is probably the most difficult for me. I’ve bit my nails for as long as I remember and have always dreamt of having beautiful nails, going for manicures, etc. This may be ridiculous but I always have hope I can quit! (PS if anyone has any tips for nail biters let me know!) 
  5. For the fifth and final goal – Be happy! Sometimes I don’t put enough thought into doing things that make me happy. Don’t get me wrong, I live a great life, have an amazing family and friends and enjoy my work. I still, like everyone I’m sure, struggle with down days and want to make sure that I have a fallback list of things I can do to get back to my positive attitude. Self care is so important and I would like to work on that for myself.


    Basically how I feel about adulthood (…and laundry come to think of it) – Source Unknown

And that’s it! I think writing out my goals makes me feel a bit more accountable. It is nice to go back and see what I’ve accomplished later on in the year. What are your goals for 2017? Have you been successful with your New Years Resolutions? Is anyone successful with New Years Resolutions?

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Learning to Crochet and Flying into 5!

Quick little weekend recap. This was a busy but great weekend. I got to spend lots of time with both friends and family, my favourite activities!

Friday night started out with some casual drinks at my house. I didn’t get any photos of that…which is fine because like I said, casual…ie. sweatpants and hair in a bun.

Saturday Callie and I were heading to a craft workshop put on by a new local business, Makeshift. It was time to learn crocheting! Now I love doing crafts and being creative, but I would definetly say that I am not super talented at it. Doing the workshop was a great way to learn, just have to show up and they had everything we needed already there.


Full disclosure…not my headband!


They also had coffee, tea and delicious homemade cookies. While Callie counted her stitches and actually paid attention on how to crochet, I spent a lot of time chit chatting and eating cookies.

Although neither of us left the workshop with a finished crocheted headband, both of us have since made one successfully! I know Callie is now working on making a blanket and I’ve been eyeing up patterns for really adorable crocheted stuffed animals. I love learning new things, and this is a great little hobby to do while watching Netflix (speaking of Netflix…I just started watching scandal and OMG).

Sunday was my nephew Hudson’s 5th birthday party!

sweetspot cakes

Gorgeous cake from Sweet Spot Cupcakes in Kamloops

It had a pilot/flight theme and my sister did such an amazing job on all the little decor items. The party was held at a local hotel with a pool and waterslide. It looked like all the kids had a great time. From the screams on the waterslide to the massive amount of cake eaten, I’d say it was a success.

sweetspot cake sweetspot cakes

Pilot licence

Happiest little pilot!

Hudson is one of the funniest kids I know, he’s very outgoing and is full of quick comebacks and silly jokes. I cannot believe that he’s already 5 and will be heading to school this fall.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Air NZ

Flying For Free!

Flying for free

Everyone loves free things don’t they!? I know I do, especially when it comes to travel or being able to save up to travel. That is why I try and take advantage of as many rewards programs as I can, whether it’s for a

A lot of times while at home it’s the boring things you absolutely need to spend your money on – mortgage, utility bills, groceries…(and I’ll be honest the occasional online Lululemon or Sephora shop). So while I’m not travelling, I’m trying to get these necessary expenditures to do some work for me!

Rewards credit cards are where it’s at!

The best way that I’ve found to earn points, which I feel like Canada is midway for opportunity for – Americans have a lot more options but European countries have much less, is to find good rewards credit cards to use. There are definetly a few different ways other than credit cards, but I find they have the best return for your money.

The main rewards program that I use, which is one of two big airline rewards in Canada, is Airmiles. The other program is backed by Air Canada and also has some good options and that’s Areoplan. Airmiles is nice because it is widely accepted, has a pretty decent miles – rewards ratio, and are generally pretty easy to earn.

I actually switched my banking over to Bank of Montreal as they have both chequing accounts and credit cards that you can earn Airmiles with. I would suggest checking these out, but waiting for a bonus offer before you sign up. They generally have some sort of ‘welcome’ offer on their credit cards which can make a big difference. I just checked and the one they are offering for their World Elite card (which is the one I use), you get 2000 bonus miles right now, enough for two flights! That is a paid credit card, but I have found the yearly fee well worth the rewards.

The yearly fee is something to consider. Of course there are free Airmiles (or other rewards) cards, so you want to be sure the fee is worth it. Generally you’ll earn more per dollar spent and sometimes get flight discounts or other perks, like access to airport lounges, on a paid card.

Another card that I use is the Capital One Aspire Travel Card. I got this card before I went to Australia and used it to book most of my travel. This card is great because you just book any type of travel related item, whether it’s a flight, hotel, hostel, train ticket, etc. and you can go onto the website and redeem your travel points that you’ve earned right away and it gets taken off of your bill. I did like using this card, and loved the ease with which you could redeem your points on the website, however as I don’t have much actual travel going on at the moment I’ve been sticking to my Airmiles Mastercard to earn some miles.

I do have the club cards for most hotel chains that I’ve stayed in, but I’ve personally found that I don’t use them enough so far in my travel experiences to earn much with them.

All in all I would say that if travel is something you’re interested in, use those dollars you’re already spending to your advantage! It is a bit controversial but I use my credit cards for everything, from a $1 coffee to large purchases. If I’m going to be spending the money anyways, I would like to get something for it. That being said, know yourself, if you can’t control your spending those free flights aren’t going to be worth much when you’re thousands in debt.

What do you use to earn free travel, any other suggestions??