Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is coming up quickly! It falls on May 14th this year, and I’ll actually be home for it this year. Woooo! 

I don’t know about you guys, but my parents are definitely the hardest people in my life to shop for. Either they just say they don’t want anything…or the things I’d like the get them are wayyyyy out of my budget.

Gift giving is one of my favourite things. I love thinking about what someone would like and searching for the perfect gift. Heck, I even love wrapping gifts beautifully.

I’ve been putting a bit of thought into what to get my mom this year (so mom if you’re reading…maybe skip this post). Since I’ve been putting in some computer time searching for gifts and deals, I thought I’d share!

  • If your mom is into yoga or meditation I highly recommend checking out the brand Halfmoon. Halfmoon is a Canadian company that specialises in yoga mats, meditation props and other wellness items. The items are such great quality, the colours and patterns are beautiful and I love supporting local companies. Sadly I don’t personally own any of their items but I have used them at various yoga studios and can attest to their awesome-ness. (Awesome-ness is a word right?)
    Mother's Day

    As far as the perfect gift I would totally suggest the Breathable Eco Mat paired with the beautiful limited edition, Iris Rectangular Bolster. Definitely be upping your momma’s practice with this gift!

  • The next gift is something that is super versatile, could be for the new mom, a mom who needs to or loves to relax or maybe a mom who doesn’t spoil herself often enough! Make a spa gift basket or really any type of basket filled with things that she loves. I would fill it with some Arbonne spa goodies, the new Rescue and Renew line looks amazing!! Add in a loofah, some candles and a bottle of wine and she’s got a good night ahead of her!

    I love doing gift baskets because they are so personal and every one can be different and made to their taste. One can never have enough gorgeous bath products and picking out stuff with beautiful packaging totally adds to the appeal. Bonus the mint and wood branding on the Arbonne Rescue and Renew makes me want to buy it just to pop on the counter.

  • This next gift is one of my personal favs! A Lululemon bag! Everyone, every age, and every stage of life needs a great bag. Lululemon makes fantastic tote bags, not just utility gym bags anymore! I’ve had two different bags from them and have loved both. The specific bag I would recommend is the All Day Tote.

    It comes in three versatile colours, has tonnes of pockets (great for baby mommas packing all those diapers, gadgets, etc), and looks super stylish! It’s 26 litres (huge!!) and has super durable waterproof fabric. I can guarantee any lady in your life would love to get this little baby as a gift (and hey maybe combine and fill it with goodies?!).

  • Now I was just recently introduced by my friend Kara to the amazing world of Etsy jewellery. I’ve shopped on Etsy for gifts for years, but for some reason just never really considered checking out the jewellery on there. But holy shit was I missing out. There’s expensive stuff, costume jewellery and just nice reasonably priced pieces! I just took a quick gander at some rings on there and found a few I love (is this a gift guide or a wish list for myself…).

    These thin stackable rose gold rings are adorable or if your mom is super trendy – check out this gorg hand chain!

  • My final recommendation is a spa weekend! Now if you’re local to British Columbia you need to go to Sparkling Hill. Take your mom, book some treatments, bring a fancy outfit for dinner and pop the champagne. This is 100% my favourite hotel in the world. Last year my sister and I surprised my mom with a weekend here for an early Mother’s Day weekend before I left to Australia. Of course, it did not disappoint.

    Mother's Day

    Spa time at Sparkling Hill with my mom!

    I mean I guess any spa will do…I’m on the hunt for a new one to check out. But if you get the opportunity, your mom will love you forever if you take her to this magical gem overlooking Okanagan Lake. Don’t miss the Rose Steam room, that baby is my fav.

    Mother's Day

    Champagne, lake views and amazing food.

Well, that’s all I got! If you still can’t find anything off that list, go for a wander through a Chapters Indigo store. I can’t walk out of that store without spending $100 and getting something I didn’t know I needed. Which means it has the cutest picture frames, stationary, candles…you get the point.

Do you have any hidden gem gift ideas!? Also, don’t forget if you like what you read comment and share with your friends!

Final Fling in Seattle


 Last weekend 9 ladies and I headed down to Seattle, Washington, for my friend Kara’s Bachelorette Party!

The drive down, to be honest, was super annoying. Generally, from Kamloops it should take about 4-5 hours to get there. This trip took us 8. Between tonnes of rush hour traffic surrounding Seattle and a long wait at the border (Friday of a long weekend), it was not ideal.

However, when we got to the Air Bnb, we were immediately given a drink (priorities) and got ready to let the fun begin!

Night one was our big night out with a limo and heading to a country bar for some shenanigans. The main request to our limo driver was to take us to some great lookout points to get some photos. I’ve been to Seattle quite a few times but never to the places he took us! Sadly between the champagne and the excitement, I didn’t get the names of the parks…whoops!

That being said, we were across the bay from downtown and getting to see the lights of the skyline and Space Needle was amazing. I’m going to also blame this on the champagne (and poor photography skills of our limo drive) but the pictures we took did not turn out so hot. Oh well, at least we’ve got the memories!

Next up it was time we got dropped off at Cowgirls. This is a great bar downtown Seattle, the name may be a bit deceiving…I haven’t heard much actual country music played there, but they do have a mechanical bull! Most of the girls took a ride and to be honest I was very impressed with their abilities. I decided to leave my feet on the ground and focus on the drinks.

One draw to this bar (probably more so for the male spectrum) is it’s a bit of a rip-off of Coyote Ugly. Scantily clad bartenders grinding and dancing all up on the bar.

Day two had a bit of a slow start for some of the ladies but around 11 am we headed down to Pike Place Market to show some of the girls who hadn’t been to Seattle before. We hit up the obligatory Gum Wall shot and then headed to a pub for lunch and to start our next activity.

Gum Wall

The ladies who planned the weekend did such a fantastic job. Up next was a trivia pub crawl, we divided up into teams and went on our way. The pub crawl was done through a company called Get-A-Clue and was all done via text. I’d never heard of anything like this and it was so much fun! They sent us to five little pubs that we’d probably never check out on our own and had us do some challenges along the way. The other team won (by a landslide) but we had such a good time, and considering everyone’s state by the end I would say we were all winners.

Seattle Pub Crawl

After a good recap between the teams and a few $1 beers (God bless America for that), it was time to head to Safeco Field and get our ball game on.

We couldn’t have asked for better weather, we got a blue bird day, beautiful sunset and it was still very mild at the game when the sun went down. Everyone (or maybe it was just me??) ate a fairly gross amount of ball game food (hello pretzels, garlic fries, churros…omg I’m hungry again just thinking about it).

Seattle Mariners Seattle Mariners Seattle Mariners

The Mariners won, we made it on the big screen and made lots of new friends with the people around us. Afterwards, we wandered around downtown (if you’ve ever walked from 1st to 6th in Seattle you’ll realize why we got sober so quickly) and just grabbed a drink and spent some time gossiping and catching up. Around midnight the busy weekend caught up with everyone and we ended up just heading back to our loft.

The next morning we were all up bright and early and getting cleaned up before heading back to Canada. After a quick Mickey D’s stop for a greasy breakfast and huge coffee, it was time to head north on the I5 and get home. For a point of reference, this drive home only took 4 hours…as opposed to the hellish 8 to get down.

Once I had dropped the girls I drove with at home it was my turn to head home. I may have spent the rest of the day bingeing on 13 Reasons Why (umm…holy shit that show is crazy!!). Getting older definitely means bouncing back from late nights is not as easy.

I think Kara had a great time, I know I did. I cannot wait for her wedding. I’ve been really close friends with her fiance, Murray, (you’ll remember them from when I went to New Zealand last year and became their chef, chauffeur and living room air mattress liver) forever and being able to get Kara as one of my best friends has been so amazing. It’s not often that you get to see two of your best friends get married!