My Favourite Arbonne Products!

Favourite Arbonne Products

Finally, summer is getting closer, the days are getting longer and sometimes the sun even shines! Sun…ah what is that fiery ball in the sky none of us are used to seeing?!

I’m certainly not someone who is crazy about skincare products, but I’ve noticed as I’m getting older (30 is looking awfully close these days) and busier with less time to devote to makeup, getting the best-looking skin that I can is getting more important to me.

That being said, welcome in Arbonne products. I’ve known about Arbonne for years, even trying out some of the products about 7 years ago, but only recently got really on board with the company. A lovely friend, Laura, has been a devotee for as long as I’ve known her and finally got me to come around, and boy am I glad I did.

If you’re not familiar with Arbonne, it is a 35-year-old company that is based around natural beauty, health and wellness products. Their products are all vegan (big plus for me) and botanically based. They offer makeup, skin and body care, and also nutritional products, like the fizz sticks (more of those miracles later) and shakes.

One of the things that I love about Arbonne is that you can either just do online orders or you can have them in a party setting if you want to host a party and get some rewards. I like the freedom of knowing when I run out of something I can just order it right away (I mean do people actually still go to the drug store??).

I wanted to let you guys know about some of my favourite products!

  1. First up is the Liquid Sunshine Tinted Self Tanner. Considering I’ve been basically in winter for a year and a half (terribly timed trip to Australia), I am sooooo pale. With the weather warming up and my legs starting to see the light of day…I’m attempting to use the tanner so I’m not blinding poor strangers on the street. I’m a bit new to the whole self-tanner scene so I’m still working on my application technique.I really like that this a build-able product, I used it a few days in a row to get a bit of a darker colour before going on a girls trip. One thing I loved about it is my hands didn’t go orange, thank the lord.
  2. Next, in my favs, keep in mind this is not in order of how much I like them, are the Energy Fizz Sticks. So far I’ve only tried the pomegranate flavour, but these are as close to life changing as any product I’ve ever used. I do still drink coffee, but I have noticed a huge change in my energy levels. I usually get B-vitamin injections, but these have such a high amount of B-vitamin that I’ve been holding off on getting my next injection.
  3. My favourite Arbonne makeup product I’ve been using is the It’s A Long Story Mascara. I think I’ve probably used every drugstore mascara out there, and a few of the Sephora favourites and this Arbonne one may take the cake. It is pricey, but I was considering getting eyelash extensions but I think using this mascara has changed my mind.One downside is that it isn’t waterproof, which is what I usually wear (I’m a big eye rubber during the day), but hey at least it’s easier to get off at night. When I use this I seriously feel like I have on false lashes and am basically a selfie queen.
  4. The Vanilla Protein Shake Mix. I’m usually a big Vega Protein Shake user, and I do like it, but I thought I’d give Arbonne a try. I’m glad I did because I have been super loving it! It’s really great for me that it’s vegan, and it tastes good either by itself with just almond milk or water or blended up with some fruit. I haven’t tried it in any baked goods yet, but I’ve seen some pretty tempting recipes.The main proteins in it are pea and rice. I feel like it is gentle on digestion too. Every so often a protein powder will make me feel a bit yuck or bloated when I’m having it every day, but I haven’t had a problem thus far with this one. Bonus for me…also has vitamin B12!

There are so many other things I want to try from Arbonne and I can’t wait for more of my face washes and creams to run out so I can restock with Arbonne.

Have you used any of the products or checked out the website? If you’re interested in getting 20% off let me know and I can put in an order for you. Full disclaimer I am an Arbonne consultant, but I do truly love all the products I’ve used and the philosophy behind the company.

Travel Bucket List (Part 1)

Travel Bucket List

Everyone has a bucket list right? The things you want to do before you die or end up too infirm to do anything. A list of things that when you’re old and boring (totally joking) you can look back and remember all the amazing things you’ve done.

Although I don’t have a whole life bucket list, I do have a travel bucket list! My list ranges from places I’d love to bum around with a backpack to destinations that I would definetly need to class it up a bit. A little contrast is always good, I like both!

For Part One these are my more adventuresome destinations, in Part Two I’ll share my more relaxing places.

  1. India. A couple years ago I don’t think I would have ever been interested in India. Over the last few years I have been so interested in seeing other cultures, and have gotten over a lot my fear of the unknown. Everything I have heard about India intrigues me…from the amazing temples, people living in slums, interesting religions, different kinds of food…everything seems so foreign and different!This trip is hopefully next on my itinerary. A friend and I are in the very beginning stages of planning and I’ve spotted a tour with G Adventures that looks super promising! I don’t know if it is generally a safe place for a woman to travel alone. I would also like to get off of the beaten track. Maybe going with someone who has family there, or has been before would be the best option.

2. Jordan. This might not seem like a typical travel destination, but ever since I saw it featured in      an episode of Departures (check out the show if you need some travel inspo), I’ve been                    obsessed! More specifically the “lost city” of Petra. This amazing UNESCO World Heritage site        dates back to 300BC and looks unreal. Huge temples and a whole community carved into              sandstone in the middle of a desert…I would love to see it!

The other really interesting thing about Jordan is the Bedouin camps. These nomadic groups       of Arabic people are super fascinating!

3. Brazil. What can I say about this colourful, bright, warm and inviting place!? Every time I see           photos or shows about Brazil I can’t look away. The people look so friendly, the scenery looks       amazing, and it looks like it would be a life changing place to go.

I have read that Brazil is quite expensive to travel in so that is a bit of a downside. I’ve also read    that although sometimes it gets a bad reputation it is actually quite safe. Brazil is high on my          list of places to check out, and how amazing would it be to go for Carnival?? Maybe next year!

4. Machu Picchu. I think this one is on every travellers list. I would love to do the whole hike, might need to get into a bit better shape before I do that. Of course there’s the super Instagramable shot that everyone gets when they head up there. There are rumours that the actual archaeological site may close to the public in the future, so I hope that I can get there before that happens.

I think the whole Inca history is fascinating and I would love to learn more about it.  Time to hit the library for me! To be honest the whole country of Peru looks super interesting and beautiful. Bonus, llamas are hilarious and in my mind they cover the country.

And for my fifth and final more ‘adventurous’ travel destination…

5. Iceland! Anyone who has seen photos of the amazing scenery, waterfalls and northern lights has to want to see this country. People I know who have been have all raved about it and I want to see what all the fuss is about. Maybe spend the afternoon in the Blue Lagoon after a morning hike. This is another country that I know is quite expensive. I do have a friend who did it in a group while camping in a van (shout out Allison!). Probably should spend some time picking her brain about some Iceland tips.


A few of Allison’s photos that have me so tempted to book on a flight straight to Iceland!



What’s on your list? Are you more of a luxury or adventure traveller…or maybe a combination of both?

Keep checking back for Part 2 of my travel bucket list and don’t forget to share with your friends if you like what you read!