Post Christmas Catch Up!

Ah…Today Is The Day…this poor little forgotten corner of the internet!

But wait, I swear I didn’t forget; life has been so crazy this month. It’s the new year, new me time, so lets get that new me as a definite blogger. Someone who perhaps keeps up with this crazy thing!

To start the month off I officially have bought a condo! Who is this adult, doing these adult things I don’t even recognize. I’m so happy to be out on my own again. I honestly hate moving, I seriously could live here till I die and would be happy to never pack things up again. That being said, Lucy the Dog and I are all moved in and settled.

The house buying process was a bit stressful to be honest, but thankfully my parents were a huge help…when bankers start talking I can feel my eyes start glazing over. Luckily (or maybe not?), all of my stuff was still in storage from when I moved last year before I went travelling, so it was a really easy move. It was also pretty exciting to unpack the boxes and see all the things I had forgotten about!

At the moment I’m living here alone (other than Lucy of course), but might be getting a roommate when February starts.


Trading the beach for the snow these days!

Christmas this year was really nice, pretty quiet to be honest. Spent quite a bit of time with the family and because I had moved so close to Christmas (I got possession on December 19th), it went by in a flash. I love Christmas time at home because so many of my friends who live out of town come home, and we get to catch up, get drinks and spend time together.

Lucy Tree

This years Christmas and New Years had a bit of a sad note, last year on Christmas I left for Bali! While we were having a serious cold snap and a big snowfall here, I was getting Facebook memories and tons of snapchats from my friends in Australia showing the hot weather and Christmas’s on the beach. I’m only a little bit jealous…

Christmas parties

Luckily for New Year’s Eve I was set up in the new place and decided to have a party. I love having people over, it’s one of my favourite things ever! We decided on a fondue party, as per New Year’s Eve tradition. I love fondue and I think it’s such a fun way to have people over for dinner. The fondue went over great, I think we might’ve had a few too many people or maybe a few too few chairs for it to be a big meal, but it was enough to pass the time in a fun way (and maybe soak up some of the champagne that was going down).

New Years

Callie and I ready for 2017!

We drank lots of champagne, played lots of games and gave plenty of kisses when the clock struck 12 (that might’ve just been me actually…). Thankfully I had basically zero things to do on January 1st so I spent the majority of the day being a lazy bum.

All in all in was a fantastic holiday/moving season, so great to see old friends, make new friends and get into my own place again.

Now it’s January 5th and I’m feeling super motivated about the future, excited about the year to come, and thinking it’s time to get back on the trip planning train!!

Top Instagram posts of 2016…beaches, family and friends!