It’s December already?!


I can’t believe it’s already the beginning of December. Although waking up to the first snowfall this morning definetly made it feel quite wintery!

img_0627 Homes for the holidays

Last week was great. Kicked off the Christmas season with my favourite event, Homes for the Holidays! Basically a good excuse to get together with girlfriends and spy on some really nice houses around town. Sunday was even more exciting, Callie and I headed out to Sparkling Hill for the night for her birthday. It was such a nice evening of recovering from the night before, enjoying the pools and saunas, and eating lots of junk food.

Sparkling Hill

During the week I’ve been working on something exciting (and a bit more stressful than I expected), putting an offer in on a condo! Purchasing a home has been so much more work than I thought but I’ve got my fingers crossed that this one is going to work out. If it does I could potentially be moved in by Christmas! So exciting, I haven’t had a place of my own since last December and I’m definetly looking forward to it. Cross your fingers for me!

A very muddy walk with Lucy the dog!

A very muddy walk with Lucy the dog!

Today I’m heading down to Vancouver with my parents for the weekend. Lisa, my oldest sister is down for the weekend. Hopefully get in some Christmas shopping in and get to visit with Stevie!

Hope you all have a great weekend. Don’t forget if you like what you read to share with your friends and comment!