Belongil Beach

Beach Bummin’ and Searchin’ for Paradise

Of course like all good little beach towns, Byron Bay was pretty easy to get stuck in. Not that getting stuck in a town filled with really good restaurants, fun bars and beautiful beaches is not really a bad thing. A lot of the time in Byron was spent bumming around, checking out the beach, riding the bikes that the hostel provided and going out to the bars in town.

Belongil beach

Amazing end to a beach sunset

I really loved the pace in Byron, it didn’t seem like anyone was in much of a hurry. I did try to apply at a bunch of places for jobs, but since the town was basically full of backpackers doing the exact same thing all the business are just waiting for the busier season. I got a lot of “2 more weeks it’ll be busy,”. After I spent 3 weeks there I figured it was probably time to head out and do some more sightseeing before I ended up staying there forever.


Late nights with new friends!

Another thing that got me out of there a litter quicker was a late night visit from a python! We were sitting outside our hostel room playing cards and drinking wine when all of a sudden we see a huge snake making its way along the fence right beside us. I don’t know if they’re dangerous or not but needless to say it scared the crap out of me. The snake has been pretty much been the only scary type animal I’ve seen since being here, other than the Blue Bottles, and I would be happy if I didn’t see anything else!

Next up was back up North to Surfer’s Paradise. Based on my visits there while I was staying with Brad in Broadbeach I wasn’t too keen on it, but it actually ended up being a really good time. Kurdy and I booked in at a hostel called Sleeping Inn. The first few nights we were in a dorm, which was kind of annoying because it was right outside of the common area so it stayed loud most of the night. But…travelling miracle, a couple that we had shared a room with in Byron ended up at the same hostel, and had booked in a private room with ended up being a two bedroom apartment in the hostel. So we were able to move over there for 2 nights and Kurdy and I shared a private room. It was amazing, had it’s own kitchen and lounge room. You don’t realize how much you miss those little things after staying in dorms for a long time.


Hanging with the world’s tallest man at Ripley’s Believe It or Not in Surfers Paradise

dsc00838 dsc00840

We had a lot of fun with them, making big dinners and having card playing nights. One of the days we all decided to go to Wet n’ Wild, a big waterpark in the area. I’m so wimpy but it was actually really good. I went on most of the waterslides and didn’t even faint (it’s been known to happen to me on rollercoasters). We spent a solid day there and that night was a pretty quiet one, I think we were all sleeping by 9:30. Wet n’ Wild was a bit expensive, we bought our tickets from some kiosks in town for $75 and at the door it’s $85, but you can spend the whole day there and bring in your own food and drinks so I think that it was worth it in the end.

wet and wild

Wet n’ Wild Crew!

After 4 nights in Surfers it was time for me to head up to Brisbane to plan a few more tours (Fraser Island and Whitsundays) and Kurdy flew down to Sydney.