‘Rad’elaide (What the cool kids call Adelaide)

Once I had got my fill of sunshine (just kidding, I can never have enough sunshine and warm weather) in the Gold Coast I decide to hit another Australian city. This time it was Adelaide in Southern Australia. I knew it was going to be colder again down there so I got stocked up on some more warm weather clothes and headed back to the airport. It was a pretty quick flight and I was actually asleep before the plane even took off, getting pretty good at this whole travel thing.


Beautiful Botanic Gardens!

I hadn’t really heard much about Adelaide before I went there and I didn’t know a single person before I got there. It turned out to be a great place. I was a little bit concerned because it seemed so small compared to the other places that I had been to and the weather was pretty bad the first few days that I was there. I ended up doing a walking tour put on by the hostel where I was staying on the first Friday night and met some great people. The girl who I hung out with on the tour was from Canada, it was honestly a bit shocking to hear a Canadian accent again after going so long without hearing it…although she was from eastern Canada, which has what I would say is the typical embarrassing Canadian accent that people make fun of.

I think meeting local people made such a difference for my time in Adelaide. The two guys who lead the tour lived in Adelaide all their lives and I ended up hanging out with one of them, Lucas, for most of the time that I was there. One of the big things I’ve noticed this trip is most of the times I’ve really enjoyed have been while hanging out with locals. I feel like I came to Australia to hang out with Australians, not just other travellers. Not that I haven’t had a good time with other people who are traveling, it’s just that I find locals know more of the places to go or fun places to hang out.

Adelaide has a small downtown core that is super easy to get around, the downtown area is basically set up in a square based around King William Street. I loved being able to walk around the whole place, I think that’s the best way to get the feel for a city, as opposed to watching it whiz by in on a bus or in a cab. Apparently Adelaide is also pretty famous for it’s festivals and I’m pretty tempted to spend more time there to see some of them later on in the year!

It might not be the most popular town in Australia but I think that more people should make their way down to Southern Australia to check it out. The region around has some of the best wineries in Australia, the Barossa Valley, (clearly the highlight of most travel destinations) and the town is full of super friendly people, plus overall I found it a lot cheaper than the other cities, which in such an expensive country like Australia, it’s a real perk.



After about a week and a half of sightseeing in Sydney the weather report was calling for storms so I figured it was time to head out! Earlier in the week I met a friend and he had invited me to come stay with him up at the Gold Coast…which I’m not sure if he realized I’d end up on his door the next week, nevertheless he welcomed me in and was a fantastic host. I ended up booking a ticket before the bad weather hit Sydney and I was off to Broadbeach.

I really enjoyed my time in Broadbeach. I decided to get a pass for a yoga studio just a 5 minute walk from Brad’s apartment. It sounds cheesy but I always feel a lot better when I have a bit of a schedule to stick to, and getting some yoga in while I was in Broadbeach really helped clear my mind. It was so nice to being staying in a house, not hotel or hostel for a while. I ended up having a bit of a routine which was nice after traveling for a while. I usually did yoga in the morning and then as long as the weather was nice I would end down to the beach. The beaches up there are gorgeous!


I also went to meet a friend in Brisbane, which took about an hour to get to on the train from Broadbeach. I met Heather when I did my Contiki tour last year in Thailand. It was nice to see a familiar face and although we didn’t hang out much on the tour we got along great this time! The first day we met we just went out for lunch and then walked around the city a little bit. The second day we decided to see my favourite…Koalas!! Heather had just arrived in Australia and hadn’t seen any of the animals yet, and I certainly didn’t need any convincing to go see them again. We ended up taking the bus out to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary and it did not disappoint.


In the state of Queensland you can actually hold the koalas and I was so so so excited. You had to pay, on top of your Sanctuary entrance fee to hold them, but it was totally worth it in my opinion. For the fee you also ended up getting a printed photo of the one that the workers take, and you can also get them to use your camera or phone to take the photos. We also got to hang out with kangaroos, check out lots of birds and reptiles, and there was a farm animal area.


Another highlight of the time I spent in Broadbeach was the dinner that Brad and I went to on my last night in town. There are tons of tapas restaurants  in the area and we went to one of Brad’s favourites, Social Eating House & Bar. If you’re ever in the area I would highly recommend it, everything we ordered was so good and super fresh. We ended the night with a few bottles of wine…which definetly resulted in a bit of a hungover flight down to Adelaide the next day, well worth it though.


Slacking in Blogging

I hate these kind of “Oh I’ve been such a blogging slacker posts,” but alas here I am, I have been a blogging slacker. I have been still having a great time, and have been doing lots of stuff, but I just haven’t been keeping track of it all. How dare I?!

Well here is my attempt to get back at it. I can’t believe the last time I wrote about my trip was while I was in Sydney! Since then I’ve spent a couple of weeks in the Gold Coast, in the city of Broadbeach and am now down in Adelaide. FYI…Adelaide in the winter is cold. I’ve spent most of today bundled up attempting to start watching Game of Thrones and avoiding going out into the extreme wind.

I’m going to just post a couple of photos from the last couple of weeks and then work on some more in depth posts tonight. Honestly there isn’t too much to do while it’s so cold out! (I know, I know, I’m wimpy. As everyone says “Aren’t you from Canada, aren’t you used to the cold?”…umm hell no, I still get cold even though I’m Canadian.)

Sunset BroadBeach BroadBeach IMG_9836

I hope wherever you’re reading from you’re keeping warm and have been having a great couple of weeks.