Packing is the Worst

Happy Monday!

Just a quick post weekend check in. I spent most of the weekend hanging out with friends and family and enjoying the nice weather we’ve been having here in Kamloops. I did spend a bit of time on the weekend organizing my clothes and doing a little practice run of packing. I’m not usually this ready for a trip but I was feeling a little overwhelmed with what I felt like I needed to bring so I wanted to make sure I could get it organized. Once I did that I felt a lot better and now I know I have everything I need. Packing for trips is probably one of my least favourite things to do, so it is nice to feel on top of it for once!


All my clothes don’t look like much!

Saturday morning my sister and I went down to the first Kamloops Farmer’s Market of the year. There wasn’t much for sale yet this early in the year, mostly plants and people selling jewelry or other craft type items, but it was still nice to walk around in the sunshine.


Claire enjoying the Farmer’s Market

The rest of this week is going to be busy, I’ll be doing my last clients before I leave, having a going away party Saturday and then heading to Sparkling Hill Resort as an early Mother’s Day gift for my mom on Sunday. I’m really looking forward to going to Sparkling Hill, it is one of my favourite places ever. It’s so gorgeous and probably the most relaxing, indulgent place I’ve been.

Then Tuesday is the big day, heading to Australia!

Step 1 to Australia – Flight Booked!

Finally, after what feels like basically my adult life time of checking Skyscanner, Google Flights and every other flight booking website out there, I’ve booked my flight to Australia! I don’t know about anyone else but trying to find a decent price on flights makes me crazy. I end up looking at them everyday and the prices change each time you look, so frustrating!!

I’ve read lots of ‘travel hacking’ sort of tips but I think in Canada it’s hard to find really cheap deals. I did get a Capital One Aspire credit card about 2 months ago that I’ve been using, it’s points can be redeemed towards travel purchases. I will probably do a separate post on that at some point once I’ve used it a little bit more.


Now that the flight is booked it’s becoming a bit more real that I’m going Australia…and in just 3 weeks! I don’t have a ton of stuff to get organized before I leave, mostly just trying to figure out what to pack. I think I’ll need a fairly decent variety of clothing since the weather seems to differ a lot between Melbourne, where I’ll be starting my trip, and Cairns, where I’ll be meeting up with a friend to travel down the coast.

Time to work on a packing list…

Today is the Day… for a book review!

Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight 


I’ve been hearing lots about this book, so when I saw it in my Kobo bookstore for less than $3 I jumped on it and bought it right away. Since reading books like Girl on the Train and Gone Girl, I’ve really become a fan of these sort of mystery/thriller books and this one did not disappoint.

This is the first book of Kimberly McCreight’s that I’ve read, but I will definitely be checking out her other titles.

Without giving away too much this book is about a single mother who gets a call that her daughter is in trouble at school, and by the time she gets to the school she finds that her daughter is dead, from supposed suicide. Reconstructing Amelia is basically just that, reconstructing the timeline before her death, through texts, emails and Facebook.

This is the first book in a long time that I just couldn’t stop reading. I read it over the weekend in a day and a half, I could not put it down. I felt that McCreight did a good job of exploring the dark side of life as a high school girl, especially now with all the social media aspects. Between bullying, dealing with friends and dating, and the pressures of academic performance she painted a full picture of life as a teenage girl.

All in all I think it was a good quick read that I’ve already recommended to my girlfriends. Now I’m on the hunt for my next book…any recommendations?